Water lilies fan

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Fabric fan printed with the work “Waterlilies. Effect of the night” by Claude Monet.
Natural sycamore wood sticks, 100% cotton fabric

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About the artwork:

MONET Claude (Paris, 1840; Giverny, 1926)
Water lilies. Effect of the night.
In 1893, Monet obtained, not without difficulty from the local authorities, the permission to excavate a basin under his property in Giverny. As soon as the work was completed and once the first series of plantings were completed, he placed his easel in front of this pond, which he defined as his “water garden”. He will make a first series of paintings in which only the water, the aquatic plants and the sky appear. Thus, the line of the horizon is not visible, the planes merge and rise to the canvas while the sky only exists through its reflection in the water. The liquid and moving surface is animated by the presence of water lilies whose large leaves seem to float. Whether in the form of a corolla or a button, the artist strives to represent them in a very naturalistic way, which contrasts with his later works. This painting from 1897 is one of his first evocations of the place that will henceforth be the recurring theme of his inspiration.

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