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Protect yourself with high quality, a reusable mask designed with the works of your favourite artists.

Reusable hygienic mask for adults, personalized with the work of “Almond Blossom” by Vincent Van Gogh.

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Fabric characteristics:

  • -Double layer technical fabric, water, and micro drop repellent finish anti-bacterial finish.
  •  Aerosol filtration efficiency: >95%. Particle filtration efficiency: >94%. Tests carried out according to UNE-EN 13274 standard.
  • Comfort: adequate. Facial fit: >96% (fit to nose and mouth). This test has been carried out following the average morphology of the population. It guarantees adequate airtightness against the environmental atmosphere.
  • Regulations: UNE-0065:2020; UNE EN 14683
  • This face mask maintains its characteristics for a minimum of 30 washes following the recommended washing instructions.

The washing process:

– Do not use bleach, it could affect the characteristics of the fabric.
– Only use bactericidal softener in the last rinse. If not bactericidal, do not use any type of fabric softener. If fabric softener is used, it should be dye-free.
– Only use pre-wash if the fabric has stains or dirt that would set with the washing temperature. Otherwise, pre-washing is not necessary.
– Washing time: 8-10 minutes.
– Washing temperature: to 35ºC.
– Moisturizing detergent.
– pH: slightly alkaline, no more than pH 9.
– Rinse only with water. 3 cycles.
– The detergent used for washing this fabric must be free of optical brightening.
– The spin time will be conditioned by the speed of the washing machine and its K factor.
– A tumble dryer may be used. This process can be carried out at up to 70ºC.
– The tests have been carried out in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 6330:2012 standard.



  1. We would like to remind you that these masks are not an individual protection product nor a health product, they are to be used as a complement to other preventive measures. It is a hygienic product according to the regulation UE/2017745 – UE2017-425
  2. We recommend washing the mask before first use.
  3. Before putting on the mask, wash your hands with soap or hydroalcoholic gel.
  4. Masks alone do not provide sufficient protection and must be complemented by other precautions such as hand hygiene, use of disinfectant, and safety distance.
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