Almond tree screen – Van gogh

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Screen for wine glass with the work of “Almond Blossom” by Vincent Van Gogh.

It transforms a wine glass into a mini lamp.

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Transform a glass of wine into a mini lamp with this pack:

  1. Mount the screen by joining the tabs
  2. Place the screen over a glass of wine
  3. Insert a candle into the cup and light it






ABOUT THE WORKvan gogh almendro en flor

The work “Almond tree in bloom” by Vincent Van Gogh, represents much of what the artist often thought about the Renaissance. The trees in bloom announce the beginning of spring and a new life. The work was painted for his newborn nephew and godson, which shows a bright Van Gogh and full of optimism for the birth of the baby, baptized with the name of Vincent.

Like many of Van Gogh’s paintings, Almond blossom has influence in Japanese prints. Van Gogh admired Japanese artists and was inspired by the intense coloursdark outlines, and the beauty of nature in his art. In previous studies, he painted branches cut into a vase-like a still life. But for his nephew, he painted a very different composition. Instead of visiting the still life again, it shows white branches of almond trees against a blue sky. It is not shown if these branches have been cut from the tree and placed in a vase out of view of the viewer or if they are still part of the tree, viewed from below looking towards the sky. It is an unusual composition for art in general and for Van Gogh as well.




This product has been designed to be used with a mouth width diameter between 6,5 to 8 cm (2,5 to 3,1 inches). Broader diameters may result in an unstable use.

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Dimensions 10 × 26 × 34 cm


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