Kessler Museum at The Museum Connections Paris 2022

KESSLER MUSEUM MERCHANDISING gives thanks to Museum Connections Paris and all who attended. We are happy to return to Museum Connections 2022 after having spent two years away due to the pandemic.

Museum Connections Paris

The Museum Connections Paris is an international trade event which takes place annually at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. This event is designed for museum businesses and professionals alike to gather together with the intentions of defining the future of the museum industry and their placements within it. This year, the event consisted of 313 exhibitors which aimed to provide new and innovative solutions to the industry whilst aligning with profound economic change.

“The new products and museum solutions presented to the visitors are on the one hand technical devices, such as audio guides, new software systems, payment systems or financing options, but also products of cultural nature, such as souvenirs, stationery articles, fashion, etc.”

“Museum Connections Paris”

Additionally, the Fair held 15 international conferences with representatives from renowned museums worldwide who spoke about relevant topics. Thus, making this international trade event a unique opportunity to gain new insights about future trends, discover new museum solutions, and forge meaningful connections with members of the industry.

At Kessler Museum, we are proud to announce that our exhibition at Museum Connections Paris 2022 was a huge success. We value this event as a chance to build new relationships with businesses and professionals within the industry. Additionally, we were thrilled to connect face-to-face with our clients and educate them about our new products and their significance.

Eco-Friendly Collection

This year, one of our main focuses was our ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS. At Kessler Museum, we strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Hence, we are constantly creating a wide variety of environmentally friendly products. Our sustainable collections include our Eco-Friendly Products and Recycled Products which are made of unique materials such as cork and bamboo.

The Museum Connections Paris allowed us to inform our visitors about our Eco-Friendly Collection and emphasize the importance of investing in sustainable products. We believe that eco-friendly merchandise is the one of the most crucial trends to follow. More information about the importance of Eco-Friendly Merchandise and our Eco-Friendly Products Collection can be found in our other blog post: Why Stores Should Invest in Eco-Friendly Merchandise.

Thank You From Kessler Museum!

Looking to the future, museums have a long way to go in order to create the perfect customer experience. In order to keep up with the evolving technology, museums must continue to be radical with their technologies and exhibitions. By prioritizing this innovation, museums will be able to remain relevant and impactful. These practices can also enhance the museum´s overall storytelling and hopefully prolong the experience well into the museum store. Making it so that when a visitor buys a product from a museum store, they are not simply buying a product, but rather an artifact from the exhibition — a piece of the story.

We are happy to meet again with our clients after such a long time apart due to the pandemic. Thank you to all who visited and we look forward to the future.”

Teressa Kesssler, CEO of Kessler Museum Merchandising


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