Misterioso Egito at Immersivus Gallery Lisboa

Immersivus Gallery Lisboa presents Misterioso Egito coming 21 April 2022.

About Immersivus Gallery Lisboa

The Immersivus Gallery provides a mesmerizing 360º digital art experience, leaving the visitor feeling as though they are actually inside the artpiece. Having received immense accolades from its original location – Immersivus Gallery Porto – Immersivus Gallery decided to expand its reach, creating additional locations in Lisboa, Portugal and Algarve, Portugal. Today, we will be focusing on Immersivus Gallery Lisboa and the multimedia story that it will soon reveal. 

“In this space several immersive experiences will be developed, with different themes and artists, national and international, which through the union of technology and art, gives visitors the opportunity to experience art and culture in an innovative way.”

“Misterioso Egito: Immersivus Gallery.”

During the exhibit, visitors may watch in the standing audience or on the platform on the water with seating. This gallery allows for visitors to move freely if they choose, encouraging them to enjoy the show from any perspective, or multiple perspectives, of their choosing. No matter where visitors choose to enjoy the show, they will be immersed in the digital canvas and welcomed as part of the history.

Misterioso Egito

On April 21, 2022, the doors to Ancient Egypt will be opened to the public through a show never before seen— Misterioso Egito, Immersivus Gallery Lisboa. Misterioso Egito “is a multimedia journey which transcends across hundreds of years of Egyptian history… The Tutankhamon pharaoh treasure, which celebrates 100 years of its discovery, the inscription of Rosetta Stone (1799), frequently described as “the most famous stone in the world”,  the prestigious reign of Ramses II, The Great pharaoh (1279 b.c. and 1213 b.c.), the mysterious construction of the Giza Pyramids, are some of the most iconic “stops” in this journey” (“Misterioso Egito: Immersivus Gallery.”)

“The Mysterious Egipt” is the latest OCUBO creation premiering at Immersivus Gallery Lisboa. Have you ever imagined, emerging in the middle of one of the most fascinating cultures in History, the Ancient Egypt?

“Misterioso Egito: Immersivus Gallery.”

This 30-minute exhibition has been created from original content stemming from several international museums and libraries. Enhanced with light designs and lasers, Misterioso Egito promises to be a space of mystique and wonder and invites its visitors to explore some of Ancient Egypt’s most iconic moments.

Kessler Museum Egyptian Merchandising

At Kessler Museum, we have created a variety of new products customized to capture some of the most memorable moments and icons of the show. Whether it be one of our Hieroglyphics mugs or a Tutankhamun tote, taking home one of or products is like taking home a souvinir from your trip tp Ancient Egypt.



“Misterioso Egito: Immersivus Gallery.” LISBOA Immersivus, https://www.lisboa.immersivus.com/misterioso-egito.

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