Multi-sensory experience on Klimt

We have enjoyed a multisesorial experience on Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), one of the best artistic geniuses of the turn of the nineteenth century to the twentieth, in The Centre d’Arts Digitals Ideal of Barcelona


It is developed by various spaces where you gradually dive into the work of Klimt with physical objects, virtual reality and immersive videos that are projected in a room with a 360º projection on a giant screen of more than 1000 square meters, that surrounds you and where you enjoy some images in addition to visualizing the works of his golden age, you also get into the two key movements of his time and that both influenced him, feminism and modernism. In this projection they also show us the link with the architecture that he made in several Austrian buildings.

In another of its rooms, we find a sculpture that breaks down the painting of The Kiss in different planes, depending on where you stand you observe the work in a very different way.

It is in this room where we can interact in an installation entitled “Vienna 1900” on a giant screen.

Another interesting moment is when we enjoy a video installation, of the connection between Klimt’s works and those of the painter Anglada Camarasa, a modernist artist of the same period.

Women exposition
Women exposition

In addition to the Klimt universe, the organizers wanted to show Catalan and Austrian women of the time who fought for the movement feminist exposing objects, costumes and jewelry.

Works of Klimt
Virtual reality room
Virtual reality room

The virtual reality part is very shocking, it’s 10 minutes in those who immerse themselves in the works “Danae” (1907), Judith I’ (1901), ‘The Tree of Life’ (1909) or ‘Death and Life’ (1916).

Photo Both

Not everything ends here, finally, there is a photo booth where you can photograph yourself transforming your face into one of his works and take home a good memory.

When we left we asked ourselves, Can you imagine if Klimt could see this montage about him, his work and his time?


At Kessler Museum Merchandising you will find various articles with images of Klimt’s work.

<blockquote><p class="p1">Thanks to the letters Van Gogh wrote to his family, information about many of his works has been found.<p></blockquote>

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  1. Fabio Pignoloni

    Sono stato in questo museo di arte digitale KLIMT a Barcellona l’ultima settimana di settembre 2021, è stato spettacolare, non ho mai provato emozioni cosi’ forti e che ancora oggi (novembre 2021) sono dentro di me ogni volta che ascolto la musica con la quale hanno montato magnificamente le immagini tridimensionali.

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