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-Double layer technical fabric, water and micro drop repellent finish anti-bacterial finish. - Aerosol filtration efficiency: >95%. Particle filtration efficiency: >94%. Tests carried out according to UNE-EN 13274 standard. Available in 2 formats. With Folds and Peaked finish. -Comfort: adequate. Facial fit: >96% (fit to nose and mouth). This test has been carried out following the average morphology of the population. It guarantees adequate airtightness against the environmental atmosphere. -Regulations: UNE-0065:2020; UNE EN 14683 -This face mask maintains its characteristics for a minimum of 30 washes following the recommended washing instructions.


With Folds
Peaked finish.


100/ Units with Cellophane bag 6,35 €/Unit
100/ Units with Cotton bag. 6,75 €/Unit
100 Units with cellophane bag 6,25 €/Unit
100 Units with cotton bag 6,55 €/Unit

Print type

Full color

Minimum order quantity

100 units per design.


1) In an individual bag with instructions for use and descriptive cardboard. Everything is customizable.
2) In a cotton bag customized with the logo and descriptive label.


-We would like to remind you that these masks are not an individual protection product nor a health product, they are to be used as a complement to other preventive measures. It is a hygienic product according to the regulation UE/2017745 – UE2017-425
-We recommend washing the mask before first use.
-Before putting on the mask, wash your hands with soap or hydroalcoholic gel.
-Masks alone do not provide sufficient protection and must be complemented by other precautions such as hand hygiene, use of disinfectant, and safety distance.

* VAT and transport not included

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