Saint George Castle of Lisbon


Located on the hilltop of Lisbon stands an eleven- towered castle containing the rich history of the Portuguese Kingdom. This is The Saint George Castle, which was first a parish and secure residence to the King of Portugal in the late 12th century.  

Later, the castle served as a royal palace, military barracks and held the Torre de Tombo (which is the Portuguese national archive). In 1755, the Lisbon Earthquake caused extreme damage and decay to the castle leaving nothing behind by 1930.

Following the earthquake, the government of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar established renovations to The Saint George Castle that formed into the museum we know today.


Throughout the 13th century the castle was reconstructed by various Kings who ruled over Portugal. They continuously added lavish and complex details to upgrade from the previous ruler before them. 

First, a wall that enclosed the majority of the Castle ensuring the safety of the city was built. This was known as the Cerca Nova, which was designed by King Ferdinand and built by Joao Fernandes. Although the major earthquake in 1755 demolished much of their hard work, there is still ancient artifacts preserved that share the history of the castle.

Now, The Saint George Castle is located in center city with walls continuing towards the civil parishes of Lisbon. These walls are referred to as a barbican, which helps to protect from siege engines accessing the main gate.

The gate allows access to the center square which holds old cannons, a bronze statue of the Portuguese monarch and remains of the original royal palace. There are stairways that permit guests access to the various artifacts inside the museum.

Lasty, The Tower of Ulysses, which is where the Torre de Tombo was once located, enables a beautiful 360-degree view of the city and Tagus River!

Kessler Museum Saint George Castle Merchandising:

The Kessler Museum has created products that seize the design and composition of The Saint George Castle. These custom souvenirs hold the ancient experience you would feel when visiting the castle. 

This Pattern is inspired by the Peacocks
surrounding the Castle.

This Pattern is inspired by the Castle tiles.

Also inspired by the Castle Tiles.

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