The delivery time, as well as the material to be delivered and the price, will be confirmed by Kessler Museum Merchandising in less 24 to 48 hours in working days from the reception of the order.

Kessler Museum Merchandising will specifically request the approval of the client for said confirmation of term, material and price. In case of not receiving the requested approval, Kessler Museum Merchandising will consider that the confirmation is correct and is accepted by the client.

The form of payment will be handled by PayPal using your PayPal account or using Visa – MasterCard and American Express cards without the need to register or have a PayPal account.


The guarantees will be addressed directly during the TWO YEARS period from the date of sale, reserving Kessler Museum Merchandising the right to claim the material for analysis.

The guarantee request will be made in writing, stating the reasons for the claim.

The client must send the material requested by Kessler Museum Merchandising to postage paid to our facilities C / Mimoses, 10- Bajos 08034 Barcelona, ​​Spain.

It is at the discretion of Kessler Museum Merchandising how the guarantee will be met, IF THE CLAIM IS ACCEPTED; either by replacement or by means of the payment of the material.


Refunds will be accepted during the first 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the material. All returns must have prior authorization from our commercial department, who will assign them a return number that must be included in a visible place on the delivery note of the returned merchandise.

Returns of material will not be accepted without such reference. The material must be sent postage paid by the customer to our address: C / Mimoses, 10- Bajos 08034 Barcelona, ​​Spain. The material must arrive in perfect condition and in the original packaging. Once the return status has been verified, it will be paid to the customer up to a maximum of 85% of the net invoiced value, in terms of costs of review and re-conditioning of the product.

All conditions of sale, guarantee and return of material set forth above are applied immediately from the date of publication of this document and until the time of issuance of a new edition to replace this one.